What changed?

There are many changes that have taken effect during the transition.

These changes range from Basic Goods, Groceries, To Housing and Business. Learn more about that here. Check out the relevant topics on the right side of your screen.

Sectors Affected

Money Bag

Taxes in Goods Bought

The HST impacts consumers in different ways than the old PST+GST system. Understanding the impact of the HST as well as the PST+GST on your budgeting and spending decisions is important.

House With Dollar

Taxes in when Buying a House

Estimates presented by the Independent Panel indicate that unless you are among the lowest 15 per cent of income earners, the 12 per cent HST is costing you more money than the PST+GST did– on average $350 more per family, annually.


Taxes in your Business

It is estimated that the HST will remove about $1.9 billion in sales tax from business inputs and result in about $150 million in administrative savings annually for B.C. businesses.

Learn more About HTC to PST

The PST will be reinstated effective April 1, 2013.

Will the PST be re-implemented at 7%?

British Columbia’s provincial sales tax (PST) will be re-implemented effective April 1, 2013 at a general tax rate of seven per cent

Will all permanent PST exemptions return?

The PST will apply to the same goods and services that were subject to PST prior to the implementation of the HST. All permanent PST exemptions will be re-implemented with the new PST.